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The Language of Whole Brain Leadershipfrontal lobes highlighted

The frontal lobes of your brain are the home of your consciousness. This is where you are consciously aware of life and yourself. This is also where your:

However, this is only a small part of your brain—less than 4 ounces in the 3-pound adult brain. (Or less than 5% of the brain’s mass—which means less than 0.25% of an average body mass.)

The Company You Keep
(Inside Your Head)

You may connect to your consciousness through your frontal lobes, but those frontal lobes can function, and you can think and reflect, only because of all of the complicated networks and associations within your brain. The vast majority of your brain is the great “unconscious” or “subconscious” that connects you to both the world outside of your body as well as the world within your body. It is also a great, untapped resource for you.

duelling brain partsFor example, you have two major executive centers in your brain—one in the frontal lobes consciousness area, and the other in the unconscious part of your brain. These two executive centers have a strong connection, and yet they often vie for power in directing your actions. All of us have probably experienced this conflict between our executive centers without understanding what is going on, and at times, with frustration.

As you understand more about your executive centers, and the other various parts of your brain, how they function, and how some of them may sometimes misdirect you, you can gain more power over your thinking, deciding, and planning, as well as the meaning and happiness in your life.

Understanding more of the potential of your whole brain will help you to gain:

Learning how the various parts of your brain communicate with each other is starting to learn the language of your whole brain.

The Company You Lead
Communication is inherent in leadership, and leaders must communicate! And yet, how often have you been frustrated that your clear communication was not fully effective because
a) the concept was not fully understood, and/or
b) the importance of the concept or message was not fully appreciated?

blind men and elephantThe spoken and written language we use to communicate has common booby traps that inhibit fuller communication. A few of those booby traps are exemplified in the old parable of the six blind men, each of whom found a different meaning in the word “elephant” and asserted the veracity of his interpretation.

You can overcome those booby traps with a better understanding of how to target your communications to the more communication-potent parts of your audience’s brains.

Inward and Outward Manifestations
The brain is all about communication.

inward communicating brainUnderstanding better how your own brain works through the communications between the various parts empowers you to use your brain, and mind, more effectively. This is the inward manifestation of the language of whole brain leadership.

brain communicating outwardYou can apply this same knowledge to empower more potent communications with other people. This is the outward manifestation of the language of whole brain leadership.

Are You Ready to Know More?
If you would like to have Greg speak to your group, contact us at 801-510-1351 or through our contact page.

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