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“Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.”
Paul Meyer

Greg Larson Workshops

athlete's nerves Communication is the nervous system of your organization. The quality of that communication determines the quality of coordination between the parts. So, is your organization a clumsy klutz or a superior athlete? Or somewhere in between?


Why Are Most Organizations Communication Klutzes?

  1. Diversity. Diversity can be good because it brings in different perspectives. But those different perspectives also present communication variations—both in expression and perception. We may think that we all communicate the same way, using the same language, but that’s true only on a superficial level. Words, phrases, idioms, body language, facial expressions—all communications have general meanings, but may also have specific meanings and nuances based on subcultures, mini-cultures, and individual experience. This is not just ethnic diversity; it’s male vs. female, religious vs. secular, digital natives vs. digital immigrants, liberal vs. conservative, and on and on.
  2. klutzNot everybody reads or listens for open understanding. Many, if not most people, filter information and apply assumptions.
  3. Rapid technology change impacts communications on all levels, both in the message platforms and in the substance communicated. There is even evidence that saturated use of technology effects changes in a person’s brain.

Communication Builds Community
Both Communication and Community derive from the same Latin root, communis, which means “shared by all or many”. Good organizations (communities) are enabled only through good communication.

Why choose Greg Larson Communications Workshops?
Our Communications Workshops are entirely different than typical writing and speaking workshops. We don’t just teach formats, tips, and tricks. Instead, we help build the communication culture you want at the same time that we guide people to improve their communication skills.

Step 1 – You select the communication skills in which you want your people to grow.
Step 2 – We survey your top leadership about the communication culture they want engendered.
Step 3 – We customize the instruction and materials to not only teach the communication principles, but to also reflect your organization’s image as communicated both within the organization and outward to the world.
Step 4 – Management receives feedback about participant employee’s suggestions, concerns, and other issues.

Hallmarks of Greg Larson Communications Workshops

Which Workshops Will Most Benefit You and Your Employees?


Workshop Title

Executive Communications

The Language of Whole Brain Leadership

Workplace Email

Making Work Email Work

Fundamental Business Writing

Professional Business Writing Made Easy

Advanced Business Writing

Power Writing for Today

Writing Web Content

Web Writing That Works

Presentations & Speaking 1

Impact Your Audience!

Presentations & Speaking 2

The Art of Whole Brain Presentations

Military Briefings 1

Effective Briefings - Fundamentals

Military Briefings 2

Effective Briefings – Advanced

Police Report Writing

Mastering Police Report Writing

Click on a link above (or on the right side of this page) for more information about each workshop.

To schedule workshops for your organization, call us at 801-510-1351 or get in touch with us through the Contact Greg page of this site.

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