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Mastering Police Report Writing

…building credibility & leak-proof cases

Crafty defense attorneys take advantage of every possible glitch in a less-than-perfect police report. And they can use those glitches to make an officer look embarrassingly incompetent. Too many crimes go unpunished because of bad reports.

Mastering Police Report Writing gives you proven techniques you can apply to immediately improve your report writing skills. In this interactive workshop, you will discover how to:

…and much more!

Mastering Police Report Writing is an intensive, hands-on, participatory, workshop with eight 2½ hour classes. Participants receive individualized feedback from the instructor, as well as fellow officers as appropriate. They also receive a workbook that serves as a reference source and guide for continued improvement.


To schedule workshops for your organization, call us at 801-510-1351 or get in touch with us through the Contact Greg page of this site.

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